Jean Brisé

Artistic career

After leaving Vienne in 1968 with his family and brushes, he settled in the rural village of Dommartin les Cuiseaux in the Louhann area of Bresse, region famed for the "biggest and best chickens in the world". There, he embarked on a career as an architect, giving this career just as much energy, to the satisfaction of his customers.

Bresse, and particularly the district of Cuiseaux, already had a great reputation for painting, being the birthplace of two famous painters: Vuillard and Puvis de Chavannes.

After a long and successful career, during which he often spent his leisure time painting, there came a period when the artist had complete freedom to be totally creative, no longer being tied by strong commercial bonds.

In his professional role, he developed a rest area on the A39 motorway at Dommartin les Cuiseaux, in the Saone et Loire Department known as "du Poulet de Bresse" ("Bresse Chicken"). But his real achievement was in imagining and creating a colossal stainless steel sculpture of the largest chicken in the world, which has become a regional symbol on the motorway and a European landmark.

bresse chicken mortorway A39 france

Of course, during this time he continued to exhibit, like any painter wanting to show off his work. From local and Paris shows, various galleries, group exhibitions, an important exhibition in Milan, his works have been dispersed around many countries. Mainly in Italy but also in America, China, Germany, etc.

All that with no deliberate commercial aim, simply for the benefit of art lovers and to meet others.

His large pictorial output (more than 700 canvasses and around a thousand drawings and engravings), shows the development of a painter who loves freedom, always on the lookout for new means of expression, a new world where he will be able to transmit a force, an energy to men and objects.